This Old Neglected Blog Is Feeling Neglected

17 09 2011

I’ve had a few friends send me personal messages and emails asking where I’ve been lately. I’ve been around. Yes, I’m reading your blogs and following the various controversies and developments in this crazy world of publishing and genre fiction, but mostly I’m staying busy in the outside world. I saw a commercial the other day where a young woman is talking about how pitiful it is that her parents don’t have more Facebook friends and aren’t keeping up with the internet; the shot keeps cutting to her parents who are out kayaking and riding mountain bikes and stuff like that. Well, I guess I’m with the parents. I love the Internet. I love being plugged in, making connections and friends, having people around the world to talk about writing and books with, but I guess I enjoy playing outside a little more. Especially since the weather’s been so nice. Besides, free time’s kind of at a premium these days between the day job, kids, various writing/editing projects, and, of course, college football. (WAR EAGLE!)  I do tend to be a little more active on Facebook and twitter these days due to time constraints. So, if you haven’t already, you may want to friend me on Facebook or follow me on twitter @southernweirdo.

All the same, I guess I’m overdue for some updates on this blog:

*My story “We Are Us” is now available in the beautiful anthology, While the Morning Stars Sing, from ResAliens Press:

*Still having fun interviewing very cool people for Fantasy Magazine. Here’s an updated list of most of my recent interviews on my author page over at the ISFDB:

* Southern Fried Shorts is continuing to be a great little place to experiment with different styles and themes:

* On the writing front, in addition to the flash fiction I’m writing for Southern Fried Shorts, I’ve written several short stories and finally completed the first draft of my southern-fried rock-n-roll Orpheus novel. Well, actually, it ended up more of a novella at around 45,000 words. I kept adding to it and subtracting from it. It was a very organic process, not exactly linear as far as how I wrote it. By the time I decided to write “The End” and call the first draft done, I felt like the work said all I wanted it to say, exactly the way I wanted it to say it. We’ll see how it looks in a month or two when I revisit it for a good, solid second draft. It may expand or contract.

*Forthcoming publications include “We Can Watch the White Doves Go” in Innsmouth Free Press (October) and “The Comfort of Shadows” in The Red Penny Papers (December). And, of course, I’ll continue bi-weekly updates to Southern Fried Shorts.




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