Southern Fried Shorts Returns

31 07 2011

Southern Fried Shorts, my public writing playground, has returned from the dead. This week’s story, “Unbirthing” is an, uhm, odd one:

Weird statistic: For some reason my Southern Fried Shorts site had 1,447 visitors last month, and a good percentage of them appeared to have stuck around and read individual stories. Why is this odd, you ask? Well, when active (I haven’t posted anything there since January) it was averaging around 300-400 unique visitors a month. Anyway, thank you to all of you who have been reading. It’s a fun project for me. I love to write flash fiction, I think it’s a great way to “prime the pump” – so to speak – when working on larger projects, but I often get frustrated with the amount ot time and effort it takes to publish traditionally. Cover letters should not be longer than the stories themselves, after all…

Anyway, the site is back, and I plan on updating it with a new story bimonthly instead of weekly simply because I have a lot of other projects currently in the works and only so many hours in a day.




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