5 06 2011

So, here it is, I’m 33 today. I have no clue how that happened. Some days I still feel like a confused teenager. Other days, I sit down and hit the bed and feel like I’m 80. Age is relative, I guess. Perhaps even a little meaningless, too.

Anyway, it’s been a nice day. The boys have been getting along (so far, don’t want to jinx it) and it is a beautiful day outside. We’ll need to find something to do out there, preferably involving water because of the record-breaking heat wave we’ve been facing here in Bama for the last couple weeks.

I got word from Rob, editor of Stanley the Whale, that my short story “Bowerbird” went live on site today. Here’s the link if you’d like to read it: http://www.stanleythewhale.com/StW/index.php/short-stories/109-bowerbird.

Staying busy as usual. Finished the first draft of TOUCH earlier this week. Will post the last three chapters a week at a time. It came in at around 32,000 words. Doesn’t feel like a very commercial project, so it will definitely not go the traditional route of queries, etc. (too short, already published, etc.) but I’m pretty happy with how the first draft came out. It was a fun writing exercise if nothing else.  WIll most likely publish in free ebook and POD format by the end of the summer just for fun. In the meantime, I plan on starting back up my Southern Fried Shorts site soon. I also have a southern magic realist novel underway that I really, really look forward to working on again: a surreal piece loosely based on the Orpheus myth. The protagonist is a musical savant with Asperger’s. I started this one last year, and I’m taking my time with it. Want to get everything just right. 

Now, it’s time to get outside and off the computer.




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