A Smorgasbord of Updates

18 02 2011

The busy-ness continues, but this is really a good thing! 🙂  Between the family, the day job, the Fantasy Magazine gig, trying to fit in time to jog 4 miles every other day or so to enjoy this awesome weather, and other pending obligations, there’s really no time to be bored, that’s for sure! Just a note of what I’m working on: Continuing to write TOUCH. It’s really getting surreal. the story’s coming together nicely, and I’m having fun writing it. Also, still working on another novel, a gothic rural southern retelling of a famous Greek Myth. It’s on the back-burner, but still revisiting it and making notes from time to time. I’d say it’s roughly halfway finished (1st draft is sitting at around 40k words so far). These are the two big new projects I hope to finish this year. Also, still writing short stories. Completed the first draft of a tale of obsessive, murderous, and hallucinogenic co-dependence this week for Valentine’s Day. How romantic, huh? 🙂 Also wrote a nature essay I plan on turning in for a contest run by a local news outlet (www.al.com). So, yes, staying busy!

Here’s a few publishing related updates:

I’d do a happy dance if I weren’t so exhausted… 😉



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