7 02 2011
  • An interview with Darby Harn over at Fantasy Magazine: http://www.fantasy-magazine.com/2011/01/darby-harn-its-in-our-blood/. Speaking of Fantasy Magazine, the annual poll for best story of the year for 2010 is now open for voting here: http://www.fantasy-magazine.com/2011/02/best-fantasy-story-of-2010/. Tough competition. There were many great stories last year.
  • “A Patchwork Pillow” was accepted by The 2nd Hand, a very cool lit zine edited by Todd Dills. I’m excited this one found the right home. It’s a strange, unclassifiable story that is about as interstitial/ cross-genre as it gets.
  • TOUCH is going strong. Five chapters are officially posted. I’m still on track with my goal of posting a chapter a week. I’ve written ten chapters so far. Seven of which are edited and fairly clean, the other three need a little work, mostly line editing. This first draft of this manuscript is roughly 18,000 words or so to date and getting stranger and more surreal by the word. I’m loving this project so far… Here’s a link to the Table of Contents: http://touchanonlinenovel.blogspot.com/p/table-of-contents.html. Feel free to bookmark the ToC and follow along,



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