Unseen but Busy

8 01 2011

January is the busiest month of the year with my day job, so my presence on social networks can be expected to be minimal. But I’m still around. I’m still keeping busy:

  • It’s a new year and I have a new project. Last year I ran Southern Fried Shorts and found it to be a blast and an extremely worthwhile experience. Forcing myself to have a story a week ready for publication really helped my productivity as a writer. Not being worried about traditional publishing, I felt liberated to experiment and created some of my personally favorite short pieces to date. This year, I’m going to try writing something a little longer in a similar manner. TOUCH is a paranormal suspense novel I began writing last spring. Stuff came up, I put it aside, and it has sat on my hard drive unfinished. Recently, I read the chapters I had finished in rough draft and decided this story needed to be finished. I wanted to know what happened to the characters. I’m going to post this novel a chapter at a time every week until it is finished. I’m a little nervous about this undertaking. It’s writing without a net, especially knowing that the later chapters will be posted more or less “live” after writing them. Also, I realize this may hurt my chances at later publication for this project. But, in the end, this project is not about money. It’s about finishing a story with a concept I feel is worthwhile and experimenting with a new form of story-telling in this digital age. Besides, what’s the worst that can happen? In the end, even if unpublishable through traditional means, I will still have a finished novel instead of an unfinished novel (which is automatically unpublishable, after all). I posted the first chapter at Southerrn Fried Shorts and announced a temporary hiatus. To begin reading TOUCH, please swing by the blog site I created to host this project: http://touchanonlinenovel.blogspot.com/. Oh, and feel free to tell your friends! 🙂 I set up buttons to share this via Twitter and Facebook.
  • At the Apex Books Blog I posted an article about this strange recent spate of animal die-offs. Coincidence or conspiracy? Here’s the link to “Bye Bye Blackbird”:  http://www.apexbookcompany.com/2011/01/bye-bye-blackbird/.
  • Also, I’d like to take a moment to note an upcoming publication. “We Are Us” is slated for inclusion in the ResAliens Press anthology, While the Morning Stars Sing. This one should be published and available this upcoming February. I’ll post a link once the anthology is available.
  • We’re preparing for a southern snowpocalypse this weekend. Forecasters call for anywhere from 4-8 inches of snow plus additional ice accumulations. The snow I’m okay with. The ice … well … not so much. That means potential power outages and closed roads. Also, unlike my neighbors to the north, southern communities are woefully unprepared for this type of weather. Our southern pines tend to snap like twigs with ice accumulations. They are simply not made for that kind of increased weight. Also, since we don’t get but a couple snow events a year (in fact there was a five-year stretch not too long ago when we had no snow at all), we don’t have snow plows or anything. But we have firewood and canned food. We have plenty of bottled water. We’ll be fine for a couple days if it comes down as bad as some people are predicting.



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