“Darlin’ Don’t You Go and Cut Your Hair”

12 11 2010

Even though Pavement told me not to, I did it anyway today. My face is now clean-shaven, and it feels strange after having had my beard for the last four months. All tingly and cool. The autumn breeze felt nice today.

Also, here are a few posts of interest:

  • I have a new interview with E. Catherine Tobler in Fantasy Magazine: “Vaguely Elemental: E. Catherine Tobler.”
  • I also started participating in Aaron Polson’s Skull Salad Reviews, a new site dedicated primarily to reviewing novellas and short fiction from the small pressAaron felt inspired after reading a certain post by Dave Truesdale explaining Tangent would no longer review any publications that paid less than a pro amount. Like Aaron, I feel strongly that small presses are a vibrant and important field which deserve more attention. I contend that some of the most exciting and original fiction currently available stems from small presses and electronic publishers that may not have the resources available to pay pro rates, yet still manage to provide exceptionally crafted fiction. My first review, of the September issue of Ideomancer, is up and can be read here: http://skullsaladreviews.blogspot.com/2010/11/ideomancer-vol-9-issue-3.html.
  • Tomorrow, I will post a link to this week’s Southern Fried Short. I would post it today, only … well … I haven’t written it just yet… 😉



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