Weekly Updates (with links)

10 09 2010
  • I interviewed Aidan Doyle about his excellent short story “Stone Flowers” over at Fantasy Magazine this week. The interview is available here:  http://www.fantasy-magazine.com/2010/09/aidan-doyle-children-sometimes-notice-things-that-adults-dont/.
  • This week’s Southern Fried Short“The Death of Orpheus“, is a retelling of the Orpheus myth. Writing this one actually inspired my current work-in-progress, a contemporary retelling of this same myth in a rural southern setting. I’m taking many liberties with the myths, they are becoming something else altogether, but this book is writing itself. It feels like a very organic process. I’m around 15,000 words into the first draft at the moment.  
  • Oh, and of course, WAR EAGLE! (Although I have to say they are making me a little nervous at the moment. They really need to step up their game during this second half.)



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