Living La Vida Loca!

5 09 2010

It’s the middle of this three-day holiday weekend. So far so good.

  • Friday night — Drank pina coladas with the wife and laughed at The Soup (I get a full week’s worth of bad TV in 30 minutes time — it’s just a time-saver for me) and followed that up with reruns of Arrested Development. Sent off a few submissions.
  • Lovely Wife works Saturdays and Sundays, so, as usual, I try to find things for my boys to do besides fight (which seems to have become their favorite pastime lately).
  • Spent quality time with my parents yesterday. We met for lunch at a Japanese Steakhouse and spent the afternoon at Aldridge Gardens.
  • Came home and trimmed shrubs and trees in the front lawn. The pile of assorted limbs and branches is almost taller than me — and I haven’t even started on the back yard. It’s unbelievable how much everthing grew this summer. I had to be careful in a few places not to disturb bird nests. The mockingbirds mocked me the whole time.
  • Came inside, took a shower, washed the leaves out of my hair, cracked open a beer, and watched my Auburn Tigers whoop up on Arkansas State. WAR EAGLE!!!
  • Today — Me and my boys are going to clean house. Also, I need to prepare for tomorrow by putting together my dry rub so I can season some ribs overnight. I need to mow the front lawn and clean up the rest of the clippings before company comes over tomorrow. I’d also like to squeeze in some writing time, too. We’ll see…
  • Tomorrow — We will have Lovely Wife’s family over for barbecue and pina coladas.



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