Disposable Dixie Cup Drinking

27 08 2010

I have a lot going on (as always). But this is okay with me, I’d have it no other way.

This week I:  

1) Helped paint the kitchen “vanilla brandy” – you gotta love the names they give these colors at Lowe’s – to brighten things up and make the room more neutral in case we ever put the house on the market. It was reddish, almost pinkish, brown. I think I like our new kitchen. It is a lot brighter, that’s for sure.  

2) Attended my son’s first IEP meeting of the year and discussed some concerns. The meeting went very well. Good to know people care about him so much. Plus, we were shown some of his work. During free play he drew the entire story of Return of the Jedi in correct sequence, complete with Jabba, frozen Han Solo, and Darth Vader saying “Luke I am your father” near the end. My reaction: “Oh no! My son’s just as big a nerd as me!” 😉  

3) Performed normal day job duties and sat through meetings and such. The morning commute has been terrible lately, but it could always be worse: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100824/ap_on_re_as/as_china_traffic_jam.

4) Mowed and edged the lawn. Used weed-eater to clean out flower beds in front lawn and at my mother-in-law’s house to help her clean up her beds a little bit. Fascinating stuff, huh?

5) Practiced guitar. *See Below*

6) Went over to my parents to celebrate their birthdays with extended family. Good times.

7) Worked out: Light weights and running. I jogged 5k in 26 minutes which was a milestone for me. My time keeps getting incrementally better. I’m already jogging circles around high school T.J. But high school T.J. was a smoker, so I need to cut the guy some slack (and perhaps stop writing so many author bios before talking about myself in third person becomes a habit).   

8) Wrote stuff. I didn’t write as much as I would have liked with the yard and house work that needed to be taken care of after the old day job, but I still managed to get in a couple thousand words on my current WIP. I will write more this weekend.

9) Read stuff. I typically read a few books at any particular moment in time. Currently I’m reading: The Changed by B.J. Burrow, Shalimar the Clown by Salman Rushdie, and The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde. As you can see, my reading tastes are pretty varied this month.

10) Posted this week’s Southern Fried Short, “A Letter Found Near The End”.


In addition to writing this weekend, it looks like I have a jam session scheduled tomorrow night with a local band. This will be the first time in over ten years I have played with other people. I dusted off some old songs and even wrote a new song for the occasion.  Apparently the guys practice in a pretty awesome man cave with a fully stocked bar. That should help with any nerves. 😉




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