Best Worst Line Ever

24 08 2010

From The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson:

“A cheese strand dangled from her mouth to the edge of her left nipple, and I wanted to rappel it like a mozzarella commando to storm her lovely breasts.”

This is either the best or worst writing I have ever encountered. Either way, Doubleday felt it was worth a $1.25 million dollar advance for a debut novel.  … I think I have a new literary hero! 😉 

I have a more detailed review of this book coming up in my next batch of reviews. Overall, despite (or perhaps because of) some of the unfortunately odd descriptive language used in the book such as the line quoted above, I actually liked the book. It was a fun read. Not groundbreaking stuff, but an interesting twist on a historical romance. It really bothered me that the advance reader praise kept comparing Davidson to Umberto Eco — I don’t recall Eco writing lines like that — but that’s not the author’s fault. I guess anytime anyone mentions medieval monasteries and/or scriptoriums, the Eco comparisons are bound to follow. Maybe I should mention a monastery and scriptorium in my next novel…




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2 10 2010
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[…] by Andrew Davidson (4 out of 6 Colt 45) – I touched on this book in an earlier blog post ( Overall, an enjoyable read about a literal baptism by fire and the tragic romance which follows. […]

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