Goodbye Jamie

19 08 2010

Many of us in the writing world lost a good friend this past weekend. Jamie Eyeberg and his wife, Ann, were victims of a horrible freak accident involving a gas leak and a well.

I’ve known Jamie for two or three years now. We were on various forums together and often talked directly via twitter. He was always there with a hearty congratulations for various accomplishments (in fact, the last time he spoke to me was the night before the accident – a congratulatory post on a recent acceptance) and friendly condolences and encouragement during those times when it seems all you have in your inbox are rejections. Even though I never met him in the “real” world, he was a real friend to me, and I am grateful for getting to know him a little bit, no matter how briefly.  

This tragedy is hard to talk about. My mind keeps racing back to this couple’s surviving children. Jamie was a stay-at-home dad and often spoke of his love for his children. I want to reach out and help these kids somehow, but feel so limited in what I can do. There is a memorial page set up here ( ). It notes “The family requests that memorials be made to the Kennedy and Brendan Eyberg account at Iowa Savings Bank in Coon Rapids.” I intend to give something. I hope you will, too…

I know there’s a couple more way to help. Aaron Polson, editor of 52 Stitches, will be dedicating the next anthology to Jamie with all proceeds going to the deceased’s children. I find this a fitting tribute and encourage you to purchase this anthology once available. (Announcement here: Also, author Kody Boye is having a digital auction to benefit the children:  

In the meantime, Jamie’s bibliography is available here: I’ll be reading him (mostly re-reading) and remembering him. Also, editor Chris Fletcher has posted a free issue of MBrane SF containing a story by Jamie:

You’ll be missed Jamie…




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