Dorchester Goes E-Book/POD?!?!

7 08 2010

*blink, blink* Wow. The times they are a-changin!

BTW — I must add a-r-williams to my list of One Lovely Blog Award winners. He follows publishing trends, and he’s a great dude, too…

Also, this: — I’m still trying to decide if this is an example of a valid critique or just sour grapes. I agree with this guy on some issues, but overall, I just sense too much bitterness here … Maybe it’s just me.

Honestly, I think the main problem with “literary” fiction and poetry tends to be the same problem that plagues most other genres, science fiction and fantasy included — at some point, genres tend to become too inclusive and self-referential. When this happens, the genres often become somewhat repetitive, and this also limits the size of an audience that might appreciate a given work. But there’s always a fresh voice or a new vision right around the corner. The problem is, as conservative as a lot of the big publishers seem these days, I wonder who will be brave enough to publish and back up the fresh voices and visionaries so that they can actually be seen by a mainstream audience. Yet, I’m pretty sure this has always been an issue.




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