Updates, Week Ending 6/12/2010

11 06 2010
  • This week at Southern Fried Shorts, I’ve posted "The Empty Road"  http://southernfriedshorts.blogspot.com/2010/06/empty-road.html
  • I received my contributor issue of the spring issue of Illumen in the mail last week. I read some good stuff by some familiar names — quite a few of you on my various friends lists shared the table of contents. 🙂
  • Having technical issues — my laptop and wireless network have decided to break down on me. I may not be around too much until I get these issues fixed (I’m on a borrowed computer and borrowed network as I type this). Thank goodness for my BlackBerry. If not for it, I’d be totally out of the loop. You don’t really realize how much you depend on technology until it crashes down on you.  
  • Keep your eyes peeled over at Fantasy Magazine. I have a couple interviews scheduled for publication about the Dark Faith anthology over the next couple Fridays. There will be an interview with Apex Books publisher, Jason Sizemore, as well as an interview with the editors, Jerry Gordon and Maurice Broaddus.



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