Where do you get your ideas?

4 03 2010

Uhm…I have no idea.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. Sometimes I can pinpoint the source of an idea.

For example, today I noticed a scarred guardrail during my morning commute. It was scraped up, and I saw the shadows of who knows how many accidents marring that once clean surface. Boom! I had my story idea . By the time I got to work that idea expanded itself into a loose outline complete with several thematic elements. I now intend to write a novel-length piece of fiction inspired by that one random observation. That guardrail image is the crux of Chapter 1 which I started writing today.  

So now I’m working on another novel — a mainstream supernatural thriller this time. The idea and outline for this one is very different from some of my other stories/novels in terms of tone and construction.  Because of this, I am thinking about using a pen name for this one. How does “Tim James” sound?  

It’s good to be working on another project. I tend to get restless between novels.



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