Falling Rock Falls

14 02 2010

I spent the day with my boys. This morning we played together at a local playground, ate some fast food, and came home so my youngest could take a nap. The boys’ Mimi came over while the little guy was napping so my oldest son and I could take a hike out to Falling Rock Falls.

Falling Rock Falls is an approximately 90 foot waterfall in the middle of nowhere (The Cahaba Wildlife Management Area, to be more specific). It’s the largest waterfall in Shelby County. While it is relatively close to the Cahaba River, the waterfall is fed by a small creek over relatively flat land. It really is an unexpected sight when you approach it. The climb down is steep and slippery (there were icicles all over the stone today) but well worth the trek. Beneath the falls is a surprisingly large cave carved by eons of erosion. It really is a beautiful sight… With the exception of the riding lawn mower in the pool beneath the falls, of course — I have no idea why it was there — only in Alabama!

Here are some photos on my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2028579&id=1474253460&l=5aedc7e325




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