13 02 2010

The first draft of my dark acid western novel, Consumption in the Land of Endless Sand, is complete at roughly 60,000 words. Right in the middle of my target 50-70k range which seems to be the average for most of the mass market paperbacks you’d find on the bookstore shelf. Time to put the manuscript aside to let it rest a bit before I lunge into editing sometime next month. The waiting is the hardest part for me. I’m really excited about this one… 

I also sold a short story, “Jupiter’s Child,” to Tales of the Talisman earlier this week. The tone of this weird little story falls somewhere between Charles Bukowski and Arthur C. Clark and extols the many fine virtues of fried pickles, beer, and bacon cheeseburgers. I’m glad it found a nice home. I’m very proud of this strange story. It should appear in Volume 6, Issue 2 in September.

Hope everyone out there is having a nice weekend!



2 responses

13 02 2010
Marisa Birns

Congratulations on both accomplishments!

13 02 2010

Thank you!

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