2009: The Year in Review

30 12 2009

On a personal level, 2009 has been chaotic, to say the least. When it comes to publications, however, it hasn’t been bad at all. Stories from my series The Fountain at the End of the World have been appearing regularly in Everyday Weirdness. I surpassed the goal I set for myself last year to have an average of at least one publication per month. I ended up with 27 publication credits last year (not counting the interviews for Fantasy Magazine), nearly doubling that goal. I’m a happy writer.

Published in 2009:

The Fountain at the End of the World (All stories published by Everyday Weirdness) 

Short Fiction

Micro Fiction


I also booked my first regular non-fiction writing gig as an interviewer writing Author Spotlights for Fantasy Magazine (http://paperfruit.wordpress.com/2009/12/16/fantasy-magazine-has-interviewers/).

Next year, my main focus will be on novel writing and seeking representation/publication for those novels. 

In addition to seeing my novels published (only going for major publishers with those), I do intend to pursue some other small press projects. I would like to see a poetry collection I put together published and would absolutely love to see The Fountain at the End of the World published as a novel. Maybe a collection of some stories would be nice, too.




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