Movie Recommendations

7 03 2009

 Four Brothers – this John Singleton flick starring Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000 from Outkast) and Mark Wahlberg really surprised me. In fact, It blew me away, maybe because I had no expectations going in. After watching it and reflecting, I realized why I liked it so much. It was a Western in a modern setting (present day Detroit), and a good Western at that, complete with well-choreographed shout-outs. The actors had great chemistry, and I felt myself emphasizing with them. The palpable tension created during the third act was amazing.

Changeling – Great movie, but heartbreaking. Not a feel good flick by any means, but well worth watching. Jolie’s performance was good — to an extent, I understand the hype — but I was kind of surprised that the critics honed in on her performance. I thought the secondary actors kind of upstaged the leads, notably Amy Ryans’s small role as an ally in the asylum and Jason Butler Harner as Gordon Stewart Northcott. Eastwood continues to amaze me as a director. He really knows how to hit his audience in the gut with an emotional sucker-punch. He deserves recognition as a national treasure.  



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