28 02 2009

Southern Fried Weirdness Updates

I am currently cobbling together the final issue of Southern Fried Weirdness, and finding it bittersweetto say the least. Here is the table of contents:

Planting by Mari Ness
Magic Needles by Janet Severs
Chestnut and Mountain Magnolia by Rosanne Griffeth

Seasonal Wage by Rheagan Alexander
The Old Man’s Sweet by Jason L. Huskey
Meditation on Deer at Night by Berrien C. Henderson
Low Country Boil by Jim Carson

Good stuff! I can’t wait to get the issue live. Just a few more pages to format, and a couple pieces are waiting on author approval on edits.

Writing/Personal Updates

I’ve been battling a cold that just won’t let go (hence my absence from the Internets this week). Then, today, I spent the morning with my wife in urgent care (the poor thing broke her pinky toe — OUCH!). The rest of he weekend will involve caring for her and trying to occupy the kids while she rests.

Even with all that, and some day job craziness (playing catch-up from taking Monday off), I managed to get in over 5000 words on my Fountain series. This WIP is at around 25k words at the moment, and loose ends are starting to thread together nicely. This project has been really fun to write so far.

I hope everyone in LJ land is doing fine…





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