22 02 2009

Southern Fried Weirdness Update:

I have now responded to all submissions. The Winter/Spring 2009 (and final) issue will be comprised of 3 stories and 4 poems. I will format pages throughout the week and hope to have the issue ready for publication next weekend.

A big thank you to all of the writers who have so kindly sent me your stories and poems over the last couple of years. I really have enjoyed reading all of the diverse voices, textures, and tones that have been finding their way into my inbox. I never ceased to be amazed by the quality of the writing which found its way to my slush pile. It is a shame that (by rough approximation) I was only able to publish around 5% of the stories sent my way. Many more of your stories and poems deserve to be published. I hope you did not give up on your stories, and that those stories found a good home elsewhere.

The only way you know for sure that your stories will not reach the light of day is if you hide them away.

Writing Update:

My flash fiction collection/themed novel is moving ahead nicely. I got in just under 7000 words this week. The collection/novel is around 19,400 words total so far. I even found time (somehow) to get together a themed chapbook of 13 poems.




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