Politics…Writing Update…Editing Update…Sickness/Family Stuff

15 09 2008

Funny stuff:

Writing Update:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
37,668 / 65,000

It’s progressing nicely.

Editing Update:

I’ve responded to all submissions prior to August 10th. I spent the weekend working on trying to shrink the pile of submissions, but it’s grown large and I’m making difficult decisions on what’s good vs. what’s great and that’s hard to do sometimes.I’ve been getting four or five submissions a day, and the quality of a lot of these stories amazes me. Expect the response times to lengthen a little bit. I may have to go to submission periods soon to keep response times down.

Sickness/Family Stuff:

We spent the weekend taking care of my oldest who seemed to have brought home a nice souvenir from Kindergarten: a lovely little stomach bug. It turned into a nice long weekend and I’m sitting home today helping take care of the boys and my own stomach. Yuck.

My son loves to draw and I helped him make a comic book last week. We scanned it on the computer and made an electronic file that we took to Lulu.com and formatted into a nice little glossy book. It came in the mail today and cheered him up a little. I wish this POD stuff would have been around when I was little. It’s a little expensive but it’s pretty neat he gets to have a book he made on the shelf with his other children’s books.



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