Writing/Editing Updates

5 07 2008

Writing: After a week’s hiatus (vacation), I put together a flash fiction story this week. I’ve also started re-reading and taking notes on the 1st draft of the 2nd book in my fantasy trilogy, so I will hopefully be able to start writing the 3rd and final book by the end of this month (I’ve put it off long enough). I still would like to have the rough draft of this trilogy completed by around the end of September, giving me the rest of the year to edit/polish the manuscripts so I can start circulating them near the beginning of next year. That’s the goal, anyway.

Editing: I spent some time catching up on submissions over the last few days. All pending submissions in my inbox are less than a month old. If you sent me a story/poem/article prior to June 10th and have yet to hear back from me, please let me know.  

The summer edition of Southern Fried Weirdness should go live by the end of the month. Most of the stories are already formatted and ready to go live. I still have a few outstanding contracts I am waiting on, and still have room for another piece of flash fiction and another poem. I have not accepted any “True Life Southern Fried Weirdness” articles yet, and have not recieved any reviews. The summer edition may go live without any non-fiction features. Hopefully, I will get more non-fiction content for upcoming issues.

Regarding this year’s anthology — as I didn’t start this format until halfway through this year, the anthology would be sparse. After some thought, I’ve decided to carry over the stories/poems accepted this year into next year’s anthology. The anthology will be a POD affair (most likely through Lulu) with a black and white, text-only edition, and a full-color edition which would include photos/illustrations for each story. 




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