Charity Ride

21 05 2008

I’m getting ready for the Century of Compassion ride. I couldn’t decide between the 60 mile and the 30 mile ride, so I decided to compromise on the 48 mile ride (about 30 km). I’ve been hitting the pavement pretty hard this week to prepare, fitting in a couple hour-long rides as well as doing a bunch of squats and leg presses. I’m going to have to work pretty hard just to complete this thing as I’ve let myself go a little since my youngest’s birth last September.  Until this past weekend, I hadn’t been on a bike in over 2 years.

I’ve got to give a great review on my bike. If anyone is in the market for a mountain bike, I would highly recommend the Gary Fisher Marlin. I’ve ridden it hard now over fallen logs, through marshland, and flooded rocky streambeds, and it handles each obstacle I throw at it while maintaining a smooth ride. It feels tough, and rides like a truck. But when going downhill, the thing flies. 

I know I should be on a street bike for the Century ride, but when it came time to buy I just couldn’t justify spending that kind of money on a street bike when I am much happier on the trails. Besides, the Century ride is only once a year. Last time I did this ride was on an inexpensive Schwinn that was much heavier and clunkier. I managed to finish in good time (with considerable exertion on my part), but I was in much better shape at the time. At least they have a lot of fun rest stops along the way.




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