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18 05 2008

I turn 30 in a few weeks (June 5th). As a 30th birthday present for myself, I splurged on a new mountain bike — a Gary Fisher Marlin. I spent some time yesterday goofing off on the Red Trail at Oak Mountain State Park, nearly killing myself as I hadn’t rode a bike in about two years.  What a blast (aside from a sore bum today)! I’m going to sign up for the Salvation Army Century of Compassion ride to take place this upcoming June 7th as part of Alabaster’s CityFest, and I need to get myself conditioned. I’ve been slacking off lately. I may do the minimum ride (30 miles/ approx. 50k) as I’m not sure if I’m ready for the 60 miles/ 100k route. I’ll give it another week to train before I decide. If anyone knows of any great places to ride (other than Oak Mountain) in the Shelby County area please leave me a comment letting me know where.

On the writing front, I’ve been busy working on a depression era dust bowl story that is coming along nicely. I”m hoping to have the rough draft of this one finished later on this week. I’m still reading and making notes on the 3rd novel in my YA series, So much of writing is what is done when not writing. I am not a writer who gets everything set in stone prior to writing (in fact, I rarely write a solid outline — just story ideas and sometimes notes on characters, settings, and sometimes terms when world-building is involved), but all the same I do like to prepare prior to writing. So much of my writing is inspired by living, that it may not look like I’m being constructive (my bike ride yesterday, for example), but at the same time I am playing my mind is whirling with story ideas I hope to one day set down on paper. 

On the editing front, I’m caught up on submissions through April 29th. If you’ve sent me something prior to this date, please send me a query as I never received your work.




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