I love springtime in the South

26 04 2008

Over the last 24 hours (despite my intentions to do no such thing) I wrote and completed a roughly 1800 word short story, gave editorial responses to numerous submissions, and got to spend some good quality time with my boys. 

I spent the morning feeding and keeping my 7 month-old entertained. This is really no problem as he is an extremely easy-going little guy. Lots of zerberts, smiles, and giggles. When afternoon rolled around, I took him over to his Mimi’s house down the street so he could visit with her and PaPa a little bit (the in-laws’ idea).
The four-year-old and I took the opportunity to head over to Oak Mountain State Park for the afternoon where we visited the petting zoo/farm, rode around for a while on a paddle boat where we watched turtles, and then took a hike through the foothills to the animal rescue center where he got to see some baby chipmunks, opossums, and an armadillo. We then stopped to eat together at a little country restaurant where we shared hushpuppies, fried catfish, some coleslaw, and best of all — fried dill pickles. Driving around we blared Steppenwolf (one of my dad’s all-time favorite bands — we have three generations of fans now!), and we both generally had a great time that reminded me of some of the times spent with my dad.

Now I’m full, happy, and exhausted. The only thing that would have made today better is if my wife had been off work (she’s a nurse and typically works one day a weekend — today was her day). But tomorrow we’re all together and going to visit with my side of the family for the day. It should be another good day. Most likely barbecue and basketball.




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