Writing and SFW Submission Status

19 04 2008

The funk has been broken. I put together a quick flash piece last night, “The Day the Sun Slept In.” It’s already been revised a few times today and sent out to The Dream People as it seems right up their alley. 

Over the weekend, I plan to continue to read through and take notes for my upcoming WIP. All other short story projects underway are being placed on hold. I’ll come back to them with fresh eyes later. I may revise “In the Valley of Shadows,”  but we’ll see. I’m antsy to write new stuff more than revise right now.

*Putting on my editor’s hat:*

I have only one submission left from March in my email that I have yet to respond to. JH – You should be hearing from me about this one later this weekend after I have a chance to give it another detailed reading.

I sent my first acceptance letter and online contract out today for the newly formatted zine. I will share details after agreements are finalized, but this is a great story I am really excited about!

If you submitted anything prior to March to the old submissions address and have yet to hear from me, please re-submit to my new address (southernfriedweirdness@gmail.com). Chances are, your story was lost in the SPAM.




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