1st Draft Complete & Upcoming Publication Alert

21 03 2008

I finished the first draft of my Icelandic story this morning. Total word count: 11,500. I’ll let it rest a week before giving it a good second draft next weekend. This weekend I’m going to spend editing some older stories that need refining. 

I also intend to start re-reading the first two novels in my trilogy next week, making some notes, and then I plan on beginning the climactic third novel sometime in mid-april. 

Other News
Per D.W. Green’s Blog:

“THE TWISTED TWINS daily chills calendar


is to be produced and distributed by:




Release date is scheduled for December 2008 with an approximate cover price of $15.99.

The book will be available online at Amazon, Borders, Chapters, etc.

It will be distributed to bookstores throughout North America and U.K.

This upcoming publication will include several pieces of my micro-fiction. I’m excited about this one as it is a unique concept for a book. The editor based it on one of those daily inspirational books, but instead of inspirational tales, it is comprised of surreal, horror, and bizzaro text and artwork. Pretty good price for an illustrated book. I can’t wait to see it. More information is available here

Also, per his blog, D.W. has started a new, even more ambitious project he is beginning to hype up: 



enigmatic ink

Publishers of Surreal and Experimental Literature and Art


This is advance notice for anyone who is going to be interested in sharing their talents with a new company fully dedicated to producing quality publications of imaginative fiction and art. They will not officially be reading public queries or proposals until the website goes up in June 2008.


– Anything at all which combines fiction and art will be considered with the most unique ideas having greatest chance for publication.

– All books will be produced soft/hard covers with full color interiors in any length.

– Non-genre or mixed-genre with a base emphasis on strange and highly innovative.

– Novels must all have art giving as much to the story as prose.

– Graphic novels should be incomparable to anything previously published. Would be very intrigued by graphic novel proposals in which the artwork tells the story so well that adding words is redundant.

– Coffee table art collections of current surreal/outsider/fantastic artists with articles and biographies. No single artist collections unless the artist is from another dimension or future time period.

– Writers who paint and painters who write, doing both.

– Non English work is more than welcome for double language editions.

– Will be launching with five books in second quarter 2009 with marketing and distribution to ALL stores across Canada and online everywhere else. Bookstore distribution will spread each quarter in synch with demand and company growth.”

I’ll be interested in seeing what kinds of unique projects he helps develop through this project. 




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