SFW Online Submissions

19 02 2008

I received a couple submissions/queries for SFW Online today, and I should have a chance to read these and respond to them promptly.  

Just for anyone curious about how I consider a story. I read it once; quickly. If it doesn’t capture my attention — or outright doesn’t fit — I’ll reject it. If it does fit and capture my attention, I’ll set it aside a couple days to a week before coming back to it for a closer, more critical, reading — looking for logic/grammar/stylistic problems. Usually, I respond to a submission within 2 weeks (if not sooner). There is an occasional story which I’ll find myself on the fence about. These sometimes take longer, and a few additional reads before I make a final decision. These are usually the ones that don’t quite fit the zine, but have something about them, or are so well-written, I have a tough time rejecting them. Sometimes, I will let one through that isn’t quite “Southern,” “Fried,” and “Weird,” but it has to be something really special.  


I had to take a sick day today. A stomach flu that has been going around work and my child’s school hit me last night. Noah woke me up wanting a bottle at 1 am. He went back to bed around 2, and then I felt something kick me in my gut as I was trying to go back to sleep. Chills and nausea. It was 4 am or so before it finally passed and I was able to fall back asleep.

On the plus side, the worst of it passed quickly and it’s been kind of nice to have a day with the family. Still feeling a little weak, sick, and tired, but Christine and I were able to take a nice short walk around the neighborhood. The sun and breeze helped me feel a little better. James was surprised when I was able to pick him up from school. As I write this, we’re brainstorming on a children’s story. I’ll supply the words, he’ll draw the pictures. 




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