Market Looking for Halloween Stories

18 02 2008


From Rachel Swirsky (via

“PodCastle is planning a Halloween treat for the month of December. Already, we’ve got a couple stories lined up that are spooky, funny, or both, dealing with traditional hallow’s eve themes likes ghosts and vampires. Don’t worry, we’re not stealing our sister horror podcast’s thunder — these stories feel more fantasy than horror, at least to us — though we may borrow a few spine-tingling chills from Pseudopod, just for October.

PodCastle would like to flash up October’s bewitching lineup with some short-shorts of 2,000 words and under. So feel free to send us what you’ve got that you think would fit our theme.

We’re not looking for blood and gore, although we don’t object to some. We’re looking for stories that can loosely fit into a Halloween theme. Ghosts and zombiesand trick-or-treaters count, whatever they’re up to.

Our submission address is You can find our general guidelines at We pay $20 for flash length fiction.

Feel free to repost this message.”



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