15 02 2008

I’ve been writing up a storm lately on my WIP, and tonight (even though I had originally planned on going a few thousand more words), I finished the 2nd book in my trilogy. Woo Hoo!

Final word count on rough draft: approximately 64,000 words.

It was great! I love ending a book. It all seems to come together, you write a flurry of words, and BAM! It’s done. And sometimes, you find it beautiful… (I’m sure it’ll look like crap when I re-read it, but it was exciting to me tonight!)

The ending surprised me on this one, but I feel most gratified when an ending comes to me out of nowhere like this, and I think it’s pretty poetic. I have to say that it sets up the climactic third book in this planned trilogy nicely. I had a different ending in mind on this book, but this works much better for where I want the series to go in the end.  

Now I’ll take a break from writing stuff through the end of February, edit/finish some short stories/novellas in March, re-read books one and two while re-looking my notes, and then I’ll start book three sometime in April. Once done with book three (hopefully by the end of the summer), I’ll let the saga sit and rest a bit before editing.





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