Writing: January at a Glance

30 01 2008
  • Rough approximation of words written: 20,000
  • Words this month on my WIP: 15,000 (should be 16,000 after tomorrow night) 
  • Total current word count of WIP: approximately 56,000 (only another estimated 15,000 words to go!)
  • Short stories written: 2
  • Stories sent out this month: 5
  • Total number of novels currently in circulation: 2 — one holding with an agent (the first in the trilogy), the other holding with a publisher who takes unsolicited submissions.
  • Total short stories currently in circulation: 15
  • Total poems in circulation: 3
  • Responses this month: 4 rejects (2 friendly personal rejects, 2 forms), 1 hold request, 1 acceptance

Out of my submissions in circulation, the oldest is 370 days out (to a market well-known for slow response times), the most recent was sent 2 days ago.




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