BE5K and Kid One Transport

17 01 2008

In addition to working, writing, editing, and being a family man, I try to find time to various charities.

This year I will be participating in the BE5K on February 9. This is a run to benefit Kid One Transport, a very deserving charity in the Birmingham area. Here’s a blurb from the front of their website describing what they are and what they do:

Kid One Transport is an innovative program that has served the children of Alabama for ten years. It is the only nonprofit transportation provider of its kind in the country. Our immediate goal is to expand beyond our current service area to all 67 counties of the state. Our long-term goal is to replicate the program nationally. According to the Children’s Health Fund in New York, millions of children miss necessary medical appointments every year due to a lack of transportation. Your support of Kid One may someday help eliminate the transportation barrier for all of our nation’s children.

Since the beginning, we have served more than 15,000 clients and driven over 2.9 million miles to ensure that our clients receive the medical care that they need. Kid One serves children with a wide variety of healthcare needs. Types of appointments range from routine medical checkups, dental screenings and mental/emotional health services on up to critical, specialized care such as radiation, chemotherapy and dialysis. When specialized care such as radiation, chemotherapy and dialysis is required, there are only two hospitals in the state that offer specialized pediatric care and they are located in Jefferson and Mobile Counties; Kid One Transport helps to bridge this transportation gap.”

If you would like to make a donation, I am willing to do it on your behalf if you send the money through PayPal via my email address (, or you can donate directly through their website.




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